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The Casio PX870 is the new flagship of the world-renowned Privia line of digital pianos,... more
Product information "Casio Privia PX 870 Digital Piano"

The Casio PX870 is the new flagship of the world-renowned Privia line of digital pianos, designed to give you a true piano experience. With a revolutionary piano sound, a stylish slimline design and a dynamic new Sound Projection speaker system, the PX870 redefines what a compact digital piano can do. 

Casio PX870 Superior Piano Sound and Projection

The PX870 includes the award-winning AiR Sound Source featuring a new four-layer stereo grand piano which comes alive with realistic damper resonance, simulating the entire body of the instrument, not just the strings. With a variety of 19 instrument tones to choose from you even have the ability to layer and split them.

The PX870 has a string resonance feature which adds subtle beauty to the sound exposing the sympathetic harmonic relationships between the vibrating strings. Using this feature adds authenticity when playing works such as Debussy and Ravel who wrote with strings in mind for their compositions.

The speaker system of the PX870 includes a 40-watt stereo amplification. Designed to envelop the listener and audience with sound emanating from various places on the instrument, just like a grand piano. A wide sound projection also makes the instrument suitable for classrooms, halls or other environments where an audience may be present.

The Volume Sync EQ lets you hear a balanced clear sound across the entire frequency range at any volume without the loss of sound quality. Practicing with headphones is very popular with digital pianos. Casio has incorporated a new automatic headphone mode experience. The sound you hear is remixed to sound more natural and lifelike through headphones making silent practice a lot more enjoyable.

Casio PX870 Natural Touch and Response

Casio's acclaimed Tri-sensor action keys give incredible realism and natural feeling keys your performance deserves. With 3 adjustable levels, this high-quality keyboard allows the player to perform with total expression providing weight against your pressure. Essential for building the right finger technique.

The 88 keys are scaled across the entire key range representing the same grand piano feel with heavier keys in the lower that get gradually lighter as you progress. The simulated ebony and ivory newly refined textures, complete the experience with the innovative hammer action for the authentic touch and response. The PX870 also lets you split the keyboard into two equal pitch ranges perfect for duets and piano lessons.

Casio PX870 Design

The Casio PX870 has been designed to compliment any decor. The compact and elegant cabinet is slightly larger than the PX770 incorporating the much larger speaker. The easily accessible controls are located on the left-hand side of the keys allowing you to play without distraction. The PX870 is available in either black or white finish.

Connect with the Casio PX870

The Chordana app is a free piano app that connects to your Android and iOS device. The app is a fun and visual way of learning new pieces, guiding you through music score and piano roll notation you can check the next keys to be played all at your own pace. The apps more advanced features let you record your performances and explore different tones available.

The PX870 features USB audio recording easily enabling you to share your music with friends or family. A built-in metronome that lets you adjust both the meter and tempo and a two-track MIDI recorder letting record a left or right-hand part separately or two different instruments layered together. You can connect the PX870 to any smart device or computer using its USB port with no drivers or installation required to use.

PX870 Authentic Pedals

The PX870 comes complete with 3 pedals similar to an acoustic piano. The result is a more realistic sound.

  • The left-hand pedal is the soft pedal also known as the una corda. Playing each note softer while making the overall dynamic slightly softer.
  • The middle pedal is the sostenuto also known as the half-damper. Allowing the player to play staccato (short notes, unsustained) on another key.
  • The right-hand pedal is the damper pedal also known as the sustain. When pressed allows the keys to be released without the note stopping.

Casio PX870 Features and Upgrades to previous model PX860:

  • Ultimate Casio Privia Digital Piano.
  • New AiR Sound Source includes damper and action noise.
  • Tri-Sensor II Hammer Action.
  • Concert Play.
  • All New Piano Tones.
  • Suitable For All Piano Players.

Casio PX 870 Specifications and Dimensions:

  • Width: 1393mm
  • Height: 801mm
  • Depth: 299mm
  • Weight: 34.6KG
  • Finish - Available in Satin Black or White
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