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The Yamaha P125 is a versatile digital piano combining a portable minimalistic design with... more
Product information "Yamaha P125 Digital Piano"

The Yamaha P125 is a versatile digital piano combining a portable minimalistic design with incredible piano sounds. The Pure CF engine produces dynamic, high-quality sound with natural response seen from acoustic pianos. The P125 user-friendly sleek and slim design will allow you to experience even more joy of playing the piano on your terms, anywhere.

Yamaha P125 Authentic Sound and Projection

As a result, the sound of the P125 is from the latest Yamahas CF Engine built from over a century of acoustic piano craftsmanship. With 24 voices to choose from including the renowned Yamaha CFIIIS 9' concert grand piano, faithfully reproduced for incredible dynamics and expression. There are even sounds such as e.piano, classical instruments, ensemble, and organs. You can even characterise your sound by bringing your play tones into famous concert halls around the world adding echo and reverb to your sound.

Improved Sound Projection - Yamaha has designed a new 2-way speaker system better expanding the sound you hear. By projecting the sound up and down this better recreates the sound projection as you would hear from an acoustic piano. The tabletop EQ setting automatically detects when the piano is being played on a hard or flat surface. The P125 has a special setting bringing bass from the top speakers projecting a natural sound.

Improved Headphone Experience - When using the headphones you'll really enjoy the sound experience you get from the stereophonic optimiser. This newly added technology makes the P125 sound even more like your playing in the room instead of through the headphones. The space of the sound is just like if you were playing in your bedroom through the output speakers.

Virtual Drummer - P125 has onboard Bass and Drum tracks that keep your playing in time. There's a variety of rhythm patterns to choose from depending on the vibe you're going for. From rock to ballads, use these rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or simply use them as a virtual drummer for your performances.

Yamaha P125 Play Style

The P125 has 88 weighted keys for the authentic feel. Similarly to an acoustic piano, there is a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end. The matte finish on the black keys delivers an exquisite playing experience that you would expect to find on a much more higher priced model. Coupled with this is the responsive Pure CF sound engine this translates every nuance of your dynamics into auditory bliss.

Like all digital pianos, the P125 requires no tuning to keep in the instrument in full playing operation. Finally, the keyboard can be split in two allowing teacher and student to sit side by side or to play different music style with bass in the left hand and 2 layered tones in the right.

Yamaha P125 Smart Pianist App

Yamaha's Smart Pianist app allows you to control the many functions included in the P125 with your smart device. Voices, rhythms and other settings can be selected from the screen, making it easy to enjoy new functions with ease. You can also save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time. You can discover the chords in audio tracks in your iPhone or iPad instantly. Find new ways to enjoy your P125, using smart functions that only a modern digital instrument can provide

Yamaha P125 Sophisticated Design

The modest design of the P125 was created with user accessibility in mind. For that reason, you can easily pick up this piano and keep under your arm. While the P125 is made to be user-friendly and approachable as possible, every element has been designed to help keep the player focused on their playing. Finally, the minimal light reflection of its continuous surface and the understated speaker design all work to collectively achieve a beautiful and elegant finish.

Yamaha P125 Connectivity and Recording

Furthermore, the Yamaha P125 has a built-in sequencer allowing you to record up to 2 tracks giving you the ability to listen back and critique your timing and dynamics. For that reason, sharing your performances is possible with the built-in USB port for connecting to your computer.

Yamaha P125 Features and Upgrades Compared to Previous Model (P115)

  • Improved speaker system
  • Tweaked key action for better response
  • 10 new tones (some cool electric pianos, organs, strings)
  • Compatibility with Smart Pianist App
  • An additional 4th layer has been added to the piano sound
  • 6 more rhythms (20 in total) with Bass part
  • New Table EQ feature
  • New Stereophonic Optimizer feature
  • 24 voices; Pure CF Sound Engine
  • 20 rhythms (drums + bass)
  • Integrated library with 21 demo songs and 50 piano songs
  • Intelligent acoustic control and stereophonic optimizer
  • LP-1 pedal unit and L-125 stand available as optional accessories 

Yamaha P125 Specification and Dimensions:

  • Height - 295mm
  • Width - 1326mm
  • Depth - 166mm
  • Weight - 11.8KG
  • Finish - Satin Black and White
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