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The B Yamaha Series The Yamaha B1 Piano may be the lowest priced entry in the Yamaha acoustic... more
Product information "Yamaha B1 Upright Piano"

The B Yamaha Series

The Yamaha B1 Piano may be the lowest priced entry in the Yamaha acoustic piano range, but it certainly doesn’t scrimp on quality and sound. The compact cabinet will fit into any home and is similar in size to many digital Pianos, yet it offers a true Yamaha tone and action. The action is a little heavier than more expensive instruments, but this is ideal for beginners, who often find a light touch difficult to control. Although the polished ebony cabinet is the most popular, this piano is also available in a Polished Ebony with Chrome fittings (as opposed to the usual Brass fittings), Polished White, Dark Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Open-pored Dark Walnut, Satin Cherry, or Satin Beech.

How The B1 Sounds

The Yamaha B1 Piano has a laminate soundboard which saves on cost and adds a level of stability and longevity that many solid soundboards struggle to obtain. The slightly heavier touch is still extremely responsive and consistent, and across the keyboard, you’ll notice a bright but pure tone.

A Smaller Scale Acoustic Piano

Yamaha has made every effort to create an entry-level piano which still maintains everything that you expect from a Yamaha piano. The Yamaha B1 is only 109cm tall and 148cm wide, which allows fitting into smaller homes. At only 174kg it is one of the lightest acoustic pianos available.

The B1 Build Quality

Many of the components of the Yamaha B1 upright piano have been specially designed for this instrument, such as the hammers, which are only found in the B series, and are pre-voiced for the instrument. You’ll find a lot of pianos at this price struggle to give a good tone in the extreme bass, but the combination of components and Yamaha technical knowhow mean this isn’t a problem for the Yamaha B1.

Our Experts View

Our Piano specialists say this is by far the best value instrument on the market and puts many similarly priced compact acoustic Pianos to shame. It is priced at a similar level to a mid- to a high-end digital piano and is also available with a silent system pre-fitted. If you find the tone of the Yamaha B1 a little tonally brighter than you like, then try the Kemble K109, which has the same look and feel, with a more mellow tone.

Our Technicians View

Our technicians say that the Yamaha B1 is a real workhorse, and has Yamaha’s signature level of consistency. They are easy to maintain, hard wearing and dependable, with stable tuning and a great tone in the bass for such a small instrument.


  • Acoustic Piano Ideal for Student Musicians
  • Bright and Modern Sound with Full Bodied Projection
  • Compact Cabinet for Easy Installation in the Home
  • Acrylic Key Tops for Comfortable Feel
  • Simulated Walnut Finish for a Classic Look


  • Height - 1090mm
  • Width - 1480mm
  • Depth - 540mm
  • Weight - 174KG
  • Available Finishes - Polished Ebony, Satin Dark Walnut, Satin Natural Beech, Satin Natural Cherry, Polished Simulated Mahogany, Polished Simulated Walnut and Polished White
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